One fo the most important aspects of cycling at any level is making sure you are comfortable on the bike. If you're not it can lead to poor performance, injury or worse, you don't ride at all.
We want you in the saddle and enjoying the beautiful sport of cycling whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. O'Mara Cycles boasts one of the best fit studios in Melbourne with all the latest tools and knowledge at our disposal. All fits are carried out by Jae O'Mara who has 20 plus year experience in fitting.
The fit process starts with an off the bike interview and physical assessment, this is often the most important part of the process as it gives us all the information we need to make the appropriate adjustments based on your current abilities so you can achieve your goals.
We then move to getting you riding and making incremental adjustments. This whole process can take up to 5 hour depending on the type of bike in question, so allow for plenty of time.
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