Custom vs Production bike?

As we head into the cold and the dark of winter, we see our opportunities to ride outside severely diminished. There is more time to devote to thinking about cycling - from planning your next grand fondo, new cycling routes to browsing 'bike porn' online,  for some this includes considering a custom bike build. There is nothing quite like the feeling of peddling a bike that you have had a hand in creating, something that is truely unique to you, not just another bike to ride, instead something you have a true connection to.

These days with custom options like Treks ProjectONE program, as well as brands like Cervelo and Chapter 2 offering frame set options, it is becoming very easy to put together something truely special.

That said, for the pragmatists among us who just want a nice bike to ride there, is nothing wrong with swinging a leg over a new bike that maybe a few of your mates have, but hey it didn't come with the higher price tag!

Also for the seasoned rider who is putting in massive distances over the course of a year, this is sometimes the best option. When you are doing 10-15,000km a year things are going to wear out and wear quick, especially if you are riding through winter. rather that sinking money into that custom paint job, maybe you are better off putting the dollars towards regular servicing to keep your machine running smooth.

Or maybe its time to consider having another bike? We all have our work house, that bike we don't mind getting a little dirty, its essential to have a bike that we don't mind so much if it gets a bit wet and grimy. But some times when the sun is shining, its nice to get out on your Sunday best. That bike that everyone in the cafe stops and stairs at, that bike you are proud to call your custom bike.

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