Service Policy

Bicycle servicing policy:


O'mara Cycles reserves the right to change or move bookings having notified the customer of the change/s. Bookings can be made in-store, over the phone and online. When dropping bikes off please allow time for the bicycle to be inspected, we do our best to asses the bike to se what will need to be done prior to the service. This gives the customer a clear idea of cost and the outcome. Please note sometime things are missed during the assessment. If there is any deviation in cost we will contact you if there is a substantial cost differential.

Service Standards:

We take great pride in our work and in making sure your bicycle in operating safely and smoothly. With this is mind we will reserve the right to turn away work if we deem the bike not safe to ride or if we are restricted from making repairs to ensure the bike is safe to ride. We take your safety and the safety of others very seriously and want to ensure your bike operates in a way that does not pose a danger to you or others.

Collection and Storage:

All bike must be collected within 7 days of service completion. Customers will be charged a storage fee of $5 per day beyond this point. Completed services that remain in storage beyond 28 days will be sold compensate loses. 

Performance fittings:

O'Mara Cycles reserves the right to move or changer bookings made by phone, online or in-store having notified the customer of the change/s. O'Mara Cycles reserves the right to charge a 50% booking fee when applicable.

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