The E-Bike Revolution is here

Ride More.

The great thing about E-bikes is that they will get you and many others out on the bike. It doesn't matter if you are seasoned bike rider or haven't touched a push bike since you were 7, E-Bikes make riding easy, practical and heaps of Fun.

No Sweat?

One of the most consistent things we hear our customer say is "it will make me lazy", well we're sorry to burst your bubble but you still have to work. But how much work is entirely up to you. Want to get to the office fresh as a daisy? Ramp up that assist and cruise in at a predictable speed. Want to test those legs? down the power or set it up for smart assist. Either way it's up to you. One thing is for sure though, you'll go further, faster and have more fun doing it.

I could buy a car for that!

This old line...yes you could. Or you could also buy an E-Bike that you don't have to register, don't need a license for, don't have to fill with gas and don't have to pay for parking. The health and financial benefits massively outweigh the initial cost. Plus there is nothing more satisfying than a leisurely pedal past static traffic in peak hour! 

E-Mountain bikes

Perhaps one of the most exciting development in recent years has been the rise E-Mountain bikes. One of the fastest growing segments in the bicycle industry today and for good reason, they are a ton of fun!!! Imagine being able to get up that boring climb easily so you can charge the descent that you love, or maybe your local trials don't offer you much in the way of extreme terrain? No problem, on an E-Mountain bike you can ride faster and further bringing a whole new dimension to a well known ride.


We could talk about E-Bikes all day, but until you get on and experience what it feels like you wont understand how much fun they are and how it could change your life. 

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