The most recognisable folder, direct from London. 

Thats right, yet another brand has landed at O'Mara Cycles and this time its something truely special. Arguably the most well know and well renowned folding bikes on the market, Brompton Bikes are still hand made in London, still the most reliable and practical folders out there. Available in a massive range of colours, with the option to customise means there is a Brompton suitable for everyone.

Having a folding bike is an excellent method for commuting, especially if part of your trip is on the train. It also makes a super nippy bike to get down to the shop and back on and the best part you can fold it down, slide it under a desk, stow it in the car or boat or pop it back in the closet till the next time. This is something a little different for us, but we've heard the call from our customers. We all have our beautiful roadie or rugged mountain bike, but sometimes struggle to squeeze a second or third bike into the arsenal, when sometimes we would just really love a bike just to cruise around on next time you're away for the weekend, doing a quick grocery run or heading to the pub with mates. Brompton folding bikes are the answer to this problem! 

We have a range in-store now for you to test ride, come check them out while the weather is nice!

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