WAVECEL is here - What do we think

So here it is, after all teasing from Trek about the biggest thing in 30 for cycling they come out with a new helmet. Honestly this was not really what we were expecting for all the hype. But. We having received these helmets we have had the chance to have a touch and feel, and we are very impressed! 

To say its the best thing to come out in 30 years might raise a few eyebrows, but this truely is a revolution in cycling safety, and they are correct in saying things haven't really changed much since the good'ol skid lids of the 70's and 80's, with the exception of MIPS...

MIPS systems we saw helmets brands like Bontrager adopting a system that would reduce rotational effectives of a crash but they did nothing to lessen the blunt force of a head hitting the deck. Definitely a step in the right direction, especially in getting people to think more about safety.

Enter WAVECEL. This system takes MIPS one step further, by utilising and collapsible cellular structure not only does it surpass MIPS for rotational effects, but it also offers a crumple zone which dissipates the effects of a massive blow to your noggin.

So. Take away all the marketing babble and you have an extremely well thought out safety product that will safe your head. To illustrate this check out Treks (very Slick) video below. Beyond the massive increase in safety, these are also extremely comfortable, don't believe us? Well you will have to come in and try one on then!

Want to know more? Check out all the info on Treks website here.


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